The MARES I Seminar - 29-30 May 2009, IAIS

mares I participants

P1: From the top left:

Dr James Onley, Dr Chiara Zazzaro, Dr John Cooper,

Mr Paul Lunde, Dr Robert Harding,

Dr Sally Church, Miss Sohanna Shafiq, Prof. Dionisius A. Agius,

Ms Beata Faracik, Ms Anita Menon-Harding, Dr Jane McIntosh, Mrs Jamila Aboulgasim, Ms Caroline Stone and Mr Julian Jansen van Rensburg.

This photograph is kindly provided by Ms Caroline Stone.

Agius Agius and Nash
P2: Prof. Dionisius A Agius

P3: Dr Harriet Nash and Prof. Dionisius A Agius

Prof Agius
P4: Professor Dionisius A Agius P5: Dr John Cooper
John Cooper

Julian Jansen van rensburg

P6: Dr John Cooper P7: Julian Jansen van Rensburg
Chiara Chiara Zazzaro
P8: Dr Chiara Zazzaro P9: Dr Chiara Zazzaro
participants Coffee time
P10: MARES I Participants

P11: Coffee time (from the left): Dr. John Cooper, Dr Chiara Zazzaro and Dr Jane McIntosh

lunch break Agius and Fitzwilliam Hall
P12: Coffee time P13: Coffee time

Jane McIntosh

Robert Harding

P14: Dr Jane McIntosh (photo by Ms Caroline Stone)

P15: Dr Robert Harding (photo by Ms Caroline Stone)

Paul Lunde Paul Lunde
P16: Paul Lunde P17: Paul Lunde
sally church Caroline Stone
P18: Dr Sally Church (photo by Ms Caroline Stone) P19: Caroline Stone and Dr. John P. Cooper
James onley James Onley

P20: Dr James Onley (photo by Ms Caroline Stone)

P21: Dr James Onley

Harriet Nash Harriet Nash
P22: Dr Harriet Nash, Prof. Dionisius A. Agius P23: Dr Harriet Nash

Sohanna Shafiq

Sohanna Shafiq

P24: Sohanna Shafiq P25: Sohanna Shafiq (photo by Ms Caroline Stone)


in the evening

P 26: Mrs Jamila Aboulgasim, Beata Faracik (photo by Caroline Stone) P27: After the seminar

in the evening

P28: After the seminar

P29: After the seminar