Webinar: debate on renewable energy support auctions

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Webinar: debate on renewable energy support auctions

Debate on renewable energy support auctions

This webinar is part of the AURES project that we are a partner within. AURES is a European research project on auctions for renewable energy support (RES) in the EU. The general objective of the project is to promote an effective use and efficient implementation of auctions to improve the performance of electricity from renewable energy sources in Europe. Find out more: http://auresproject.eu/

This webinar was one of eight carried out over the last few months that have provided information and insights on designing and participating in auctions for RES support – you can find out more about all the webinars here: http://auresproject.eu/news/join-the-aures-auction-academy

Webinar 8 was the wrap up of the series and used an online debate on RES-E auctions, focussing on the following topics:

  • Pros and cons of auctions for renewable energy compared with other European support systems
  • Recommendations on auction design based on experiences in the countries analysed so far
  • Key recommendations to utilities working with tenders and auctions for the first time
  • Effects on prices of renewable energy so far
  • Interesting findings in the AURES research and dialogue with stakeholders.


You can view a recording of the webinar via the AURES site.


Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy, University of Exeter 

Juan Rivier, Head of Prospective Department, Iberdrola, Spain

Mario Ragwitz, Professor in Physics, Fraunhofer

Fabian Wigand, Senior Consultant, ECOFYS

Lena Kitzing, Phd. Researcher, Technical University of Denmark, DTU


Michael Minter, Head of Secretariat, Denmark’s Green Think Tank CONCITO

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