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Presentation & Paper: Smart grid-lock?

Smart grid-lock? The role of ideas, interests and institutions in contestations over the future of electricity networks in Britain

From: Matthew Lockwood

To: Constructing and contesting spaces for low-carbon energy innovation, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 26-28 November 2013


– Contesting and constructing space for innovation in sustainable energy: the case study of the ‘smart grid’ in the UK

– Three aims:

– Account of contestations over electricity distribution regulation since 2000
– Evaluate how far regulation to date will foster a smart grid
– Explore why regime not destabilised given landscape and niche changes

– In regulated networks, selection processes created by regulation not competitive markets, but regulation also has to create niches, and incumbents have to undertake innovation in those niches.

Download presentation: Lockwood Eindhoven presentation

There is also a conference paper associated with this presentation: ML Smart grid-lock – future of electricity distribution networks in Britain

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