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Presentation: Energy Transformation

Energy Transformation: future challenges and opportunities

From: Catherine Mitchell

Presentation to: The Future of Environmental Politics – Environmental Politics of the Future. Celebrating 30 years of the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Freie Universität Berlin – 26th April 2016


  • Global CO2 may have flattened; now need to reduce it
  • There are considerable energy system challenges BUT opportunities as well
  • There has been lots of change in some countries but needs to spread those changes to more countries, and at a quicker rate
  • Need more transformational innovation
    • BAU not good enough
  • Very few transformational innovation mechanisms in last 30 years and probably would not have been ‘economic


Download the presentation: FFU: Energy Transformations – Potential Future Challenges

More about FFU’s 30 year celebrations and the 26 April 2016 conference

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