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IGov2: Innovation and Governance for Future Energy Systems

IGov2 (Innovation and Governance for Future Energy Systems)

IGov2 commenced on 1 October 2016, and will run for 3 years. It is an extension of the EPSRC funded IGov project. The IGov2 team (shown in the picture) partly reflects continuity – Catherine Mitchell, Matthew Lockwood and Richard Hoggett – but also reflects the slightly altered focus towards future energy systems. Newcomers to the team are Jess Britton, Antony Froggatt (part time) and Helen Poulter (who is doing a PhD on the South Australia’s energy situation).

IGov2 argues that the GB energy system effectively runs along two streams: the conventional ‘old’ energy system and the ‘new’ entrants and non-traditional practices which are occurring around the edges of the conventional systems. This is often: despite policy rather than because of it; trying to survive despite them doing what Government says it wants; and uncoordinated and without directional oversight. IGov2 is trying to understand the governance needs of that ‘new’ system and its actors.

IGov2 is therefore more current and forward looking than the IGov focus – which aimed to explain why the move to a demand focused, energy efficient energy system in GB was having so many problems. IGov2 is exploring change that is happening at the moment; the different dimensions of that change [eg: business models, gender, technology, markets, networks, ownership, political systems, system operation and economics, social preferences]; and the reasons behind that change. One aspect of understanding that change is to understanding the political economy context. IGov looked at this but IGov2 will be expanding this area.

This presentation sets out the differences between the IGov1 v IGov2 research. The IGov website will carry on as usual, although it will be updated to reflect the new research direction.

We have produced a detailed summary of the key findings and outputs from the IGov 1 research which can be accessed here: IGov 1 summary of project-outputs-impact

There is also a short (2 page) case study that summaries the key findings of IGov 1: Case Study Report on IGov1

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