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Funding the Future

Policy Brief on the case for a pre-development capital fund for revenue-generating community renewables

Tackling climate change and moving towards a low carbon future requires both the take up of low carbon technologies and changes in the way that people currently use energyi, this will require action across all sectors of society. Community-based renewables are beginning to play an important role in enabling this transformation, particularly through the development of revenue-generating renewable energy assets, which provide a locally owned, low carbon supply and a sustainable income stream that enables communities to take wider action. However, such projects are currently poorly supported within current energy policy, making their development difficult, and a number of key barriers need to be overcome. Most crucially there is a need to provide communities, and the organisations that are supporting them, with access to pre-development capital funding to cover the at-risk stages of developing projects, as it is only post-planning, that these projects become bankable in the eyes of commercial investors.

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