Call for Abstracts: Theorising Governance Change for a Sustainable Economy

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Call for Abstracts: Theorising Governance Change for a Sustainable Economy

For Workshop on 30th April 2013, London

The Innovation and Governance (IGov) research group is hosting a one-day workshop on theoretical approaches to understanding change in  governance systems, with a particular focus on managing transformation to a more sustainable energy system and economy. More information on IGov and its aims are available from

Increasingly, research on energy transitions call for greater innovation, not only in technologies, corporate and individual behaviours, but also in political practices.  Much of the literature concludes that without a core role for national government(s) in supporting the transition to a sustainable economy, and especially in niche technology markets, progress will be too slow to prevent global temperature rising above two degrees centigrade. The landscape of energy and climate governance is, however, under-researched and under-theorised. There is a need for analysis that goes beyond just assessing and recommending particular policies, to examine the political context within which energy and climate policies are formulated, and how these policies inter-relate with that context.

This workshop is designed to explore and debate theories that have already been developed in other fields of social science to analyse change, and to apply these to better understand how to achieve transition to a more sustainable energy system and economy.

The organisers would like to invite abstracts that may draw on approaches from:

– Concepts of policy paradigm change

– Co-evolutionary theory and Multi-level Perspectives on sustainable transitions

– New institutionalist approaches

In particular the organisers would like to encourage abstracts that seek to combine insights from across these different areas, as well as wider research on the boundaries between state and markets in other sectors, such as finance, media, rail, and other utilities.

A one-day workshop will be held on 30th April in London to share and discuss the insights from this call, hopefully leading to the production of a joint publication, such as a special edition in a relevant journal or an edited book. We have invited a number of speakers to participate in the workshop and the following are confirmed: Prof Frank Geels, Dr Florian Kern, Prof Hugh Pemberton, Prof Peter Newell, Dr Caroline Kuzemko and Dr Matthew Lockwood.

Those interested in presenting papers at the workshop should initially send a 500 word abstract to the IGov team at by 18th February 2012, explaining how their paper fits in with the aims and objectives of the workshop.

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