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Book: New Challenges in Energy Security

ESMW bookNew Challenges in Energy Security – The UK in a Multipolar World

Edited by Catherine Mitchell, Jim Watson and Jessica Whiting

We are faced with the twin urgent challenges of delivering a low carbon and secure energy system. The last few years have seen Britain moving from being a net exporter to a net importer of energy. The threat of climate change has led to the slow but inexorable inclusion of environmental concerns in mainstream energy policy. Against this backdrop, economic and political power around the globe has altered, creating a complex, multipolar world. Rising concerns about the long term availability and price of oil, gas and uranium only add to the challenges facing Britain. This timely volume brings together key researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, including energy policy, international relations and supply chains, to explore the practical policy options in addressing energy security in Britain.


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1. Introduction: Conceptualising Energy Security; Catherine Mitchell and Jim Watson
2. Energy Security: Geopolitics, Governance and Multipolarity; Caroline Kuzemko and Michael Bradshaw
3. The Energy Security-Climate Nexus and the Environment; Caroline Kuzemko, Antony Froggatt and Estelle Rouhaud
4. Energy Security Policy in Britain: Markets, Complexity and Challenges; Iain Soutar and Jess Whiting
5. Demand and Energy Security; Richard Hoggett, Nick Eyre and Malcolm Keay
6. People and Communities in Energy Security; Catherine Butler, Sarah Darby, Tom Henfrey, Richard Hoggett and Nicola Hole
7. Infrastructure, Investment and the Low Carbon Transition; Ronan Bolton and Adam Hawkes
8. Supply Chains and Energy Security; Richard Hoggett
9. EU Energy Security and its impact on the UK; John Corbett, Antony Froggatt and Angus Johnston
10. Measuring Energy Security; Colin Axon, Richard Darton and Christian Winzer
11. New Challenges in Energy Security: the UK in a multipolar world – Conclusions and Recommendations; Catherine Mitchell and Jim Watson

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