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Aims for the Roundtable

Energy systems around the world and in GB are currently undergoing fundamental and rapid change due to a wide range of different drivers, from technology to social and businesses innovations. Much of this change is currently being experienced within the electricity sector, with a range of new technologies and business models competing for space within our networks such as options for DSR, virtual power plants, storage and other ways to provide capacity and manage constraints. Nationally, DECC have raised the possibility of creating an independent system operator; many DNOs are already moving towards become more active DSOs; the Energy & Climate Committee have recently reported on the challenges for creating a low carbon network infrastructure, and suggesting that the challenges can only be met with an appropriate governance, regulatory and operational framework.

The IGov project has developed an institutional framework which we argue is appropriate for the current and future needs of the energy system. The format for the event will be: The IGov team will present the framework (30 minutes) and then there will be an initial discussion. This will be followed by three 10 minute presentations by attendees giving their views on the framework (its problems, what it is missing etc). A further discussion will then occur.

One purpose of the roundtable is discuss the governance framework that the IGov team have been developing over the course of the project which began in September 2012. We are interested in hearing your feedback on this as well as hearing some alternative perspectives on energy governance.

Given the complex political times, we have followed a sensitive path between realistic (ie the IGov framework is fundamentally a combination of Danish and NY REV governance) and what needs to be done. It would be helpful if alternative perspectives attempt this path as well. A number of questions will be used to help shape discussions:

  • What is a suitable institutional framework to address the challenges the GB energy system faces and capture the market opportunities?
  • What are the good things about the IGov framework? What are the things that problems or missing? Is the level of detail suitable

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