Ralitsa Hiteva

Ralitsa is currently a Research Fellow in Infrastructure Governance in the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex and works on the intersection of energy policy, infrastructure and governance. Ralitsa is a member of the Sussex Energy Group. She trained in economic geography and environmental governance and worked for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe on issues related to national capacity building for infrastructure development and economic integration, before her PhD. Her PhD analysed the geography of low carbon infrastructure governance in Europe. Since she joined SPRU in 2013 she has undertaken a range of research on energy, infrastructure and environmental policy, with particular focus on infrastructure interdependencies, low carbon network innovations and business model innovations at multiple scales. Her work is primarily informed by governance, innovation and transition literature and has included case study development, intensive qualitative research, and policy analysis. Her most recent work focuses on policy and regulation for cross sector integration and building flexibility in the energy system. Ralitsa is fascinated by the dynamics between smart cities, smart technologies and smart governance, and dreams of examining the intersectionality and positionality of researchers in the encounter spaces between academia, policy, industry and civil society.



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