Dr. Matthew Lockwood

Matthew Lockwood was a Senior Research Fellow on the IGov project until December 2018, he now works at SPRU. During 2015-2017 he also managed a project for the UK Energy Research Centre on the politics of interaction between UK and EU energy policy, including the implications of Brexit. He has worked on energy and climate policy in the UK in a variety of roles since the early 2000s. From 2006 to 2011 he was a Senior Research Fellow and subsequently Associate Director for Energy, Climate Change and Transport at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). During 2009-2010 he worked on secondment to DECC, helping to draft the Government’s strategy on smart grids. He has also worked as a consultant and adviser to the Design Council, the London Development Agency, and the Sustainable Development Commission. During 2004-06 he acted as an adviser and researcher for the then Deputy Mayor of London, and on the London Climate Change Agency project for decentralised energy in London. He has also acted as an adviser to Friends of the Earth UK, and was on Green Alliance’s Green Social Democracy Advisory Group and IPPR’s New Economics advisory panel. He has published in a range of academic journals including Climate Policy, Political Quarterly, Global Environmental Change, New Political Economy, Environmental Innovations and Societal Transitions, and Energy Policy.

Before 2004, Matthew worked on international development. He held senior policy roles in several international development NGOs, and published The State They’re In, a widely acclaimed book on the politics of aid and development in Africa. Prior to that he was sociologist at the Universities of Sussex and Cambridge University, and conducted research in Tanzania and Nigeria. He was educated at Oxford University, where he took an MPhil in Economics and a DPhil.



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