Antony Froggatt

Antony Froggatt has studied energy and environmental policy at the University of Westminster and the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University. He is currently an independent consultant on international energy issues and since 2007, a senior research fellow at Chatham House (also known as the Royal Institute for International Affairs).  Since 2014 he has also been an honorary fellow at the Energy Policy Group at the University of Exeter. While working at Chatham House he has specialised on energy security in emerging economies with extensive work in China on the establishment and methodologies of low carbon economic development.  He has also undertaken international research on public attitudes to climate change and energy security as well as to diet.   He is currently working in two main areas, assessing the climate and energy policy implications of Brexit as well as evaluating the future of the electricity sector considering decarbonisation objectives and technological developments.

Antony has worked as a consultant for 20 years with environmental groups, academics and public bodies, including the European Parliament and Commission, in Europe and Asia assisting in the development of policies, initiatives and capacity building.  He has been a special advisor on European energy governance to the House of Lords in the UK and given evidence to Governments and Parliaments across Europe.

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