Advisory Group

IGov is supported by an expert advisory group to provide advice and insight into energy system change. The group brings together a wide range of expertise and knowledge from across academia, industry and civil society on the nature of change and innovation, markets for gas and electricity, supply and distribution, infrastructure policy, politics and regulation, people, price and affordability, and wider environmental issues.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the IGov 1 Advisory Group who helped steer and support us through the first four years of IGov. This included: Dr. Chris Harris; Chris Welby; Prof. Claudio Radaelli; Prof. Colin Hay; Dorcas Batstone; Prof Frank Geels; Graham White CBE; Dr Jeff Hardy; Judith Ward; Dr Keith MacLean; Prof. Matthew Flinders; Mike Kay; Rebecca Willis; Dr Simon Skillings; Prof. Staffan Jacobsson; Prof. Tim Foxon (Chair).

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