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Identity and Access Management for the university of Exeter currently exists as a Fedora-DS LDAP directory service offering authentication verification against stored encrypted passwords to a few major applications. It is not a  Single-Sign-on service. It propagates its content to subsidiary systems such as the Portal and Microsoft AD domain.

Information Services have held planning meetings to propose a full IAM system for the university but no funding or resources are available. Department heads and team leaders in IT Services are constantly pressing for funds and we hope they will be forthcoming in 2007.  An IAM project plan was written as part of Project SWISh. Although the timetable in the appendix is out of date, the technical justification and work plan are up to date.


An audit of systems requiring user authentication at Exeter shows that the Fedora-DS LDAP service provides a service for the most widely-user services, but there is a long list of systems with their own private user authentication. These systems need manual moves/add/changes of user information, and as passwords are private to each service, result in the user have to remember many of them.

Inventory as a Glance

An assessment of the software development options recommends the use of Internet2 sponsored applications.

UK Access Management Federation

Consultative Exercise

In October 2006 the UKAMF requested feedback to the first 6 specifications they had released. The IAM team reviewed the 60 pages and extracted the key messages for Exeter.

Sun Identity Manager Suite

Access to to our local prototype developmental systems is at the following links:

Contact Nick Johnson for valid usernames and passwords to access the services

Sun has documentation for these products at:


The University of Exeter Identity Manager team's presentations are:

Sun's presentations available are:

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