Air Flow Around A High Speed Train
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The Eurostar Train

The train that I have decided to use for this project is the Eurostar. This is the high speed train that most people in Britain can identify with and the train that will carry people to the Continent on the new Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

The now famous Eurostar circulates on the Paris-London and Brussels-London lines. Travel time between Paris and London is just 3 hours and the introduction of the new line in Belgium has reduced journey time between London and Brussels to 2h40.

Specification Of The Eurostar

Number of vehicles : 38 trainsets
Carbody : steel
Capacity : 794 seats
Length : 394 m
Maximum speed : 300 kph
Power supply : 25 kV 50 Hz, 750 V dc, 3000 V dc
Customer : SNCF, SNCB, EUKL
In service : since 1993
Manufactured : UK & France

Stuart Rees 2003