Air Flow Around A High Speed Train
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The Channel Tunnel Rail Link

The Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) is the first new main line in over one hundred years to be built in the United Kingdom. When complete it will be 109 km long and stretch from the Channel Tunnel to St. Pancras in London.

The estimated cost of the project is expected to reach 5.2 billion but up to fifty thousand employment opportunities will be created. There will also be scope for commercial development in the areas around the rail link, particularly at Docklands, London and in East Kent.

The new, high-speed rail line will be able to carry up to eight Eurostars per hour, in each direction. The journey time for passengers between London and the Channel Tunnel entrance will be halved and the journey between London and Paris will be reduced by forty minutes.

The CTRL Route

The 109 km route will stretch from the Eurotunnel teminal near Folkestone to the new St. Pancras Station at Kings Cross in London.

Please click the image above for an improved view of the CTRL route.

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