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Section 1 - The Problem
The Model

Section 2 - The Tools
CFD Modeling
Turbulence Models

Section 3 - Results

Section 4 - Previous Work

Previous Work


This page will briefly show the results from the CFD analysis and give a brief overview of the conclusions and the general way to interpret CFD results.




The two plots above show the type of plots that can be produced using packages such as Fluent 6.

However it is important to check that solutions with different cell sizes are centering on a common solution.  This can be achieved by plotting the velocity on a certain plane for each and comparing the velocity profiles.  If they are similar then it would suggest that the simulation is settling in on a stable solution.

From this simulation it was found that the obstacles that the flow encountered last have the biggest effect on the distribution of pollutants across a plane.  The result for the simulation performed is shown below.

Plot of Concentration