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Section 1 - The Problem
The Model

Section 2 - The Tools
CFD Modeling
Turbulence Models

Section 3 - Results

Section 4 - Previous Work

Previous Work


Photo 1 - View of Renslade House looking East

Photograph 1 above shows a view looking towards the most imposing landmark in the Exe Bridges vicinity, Renslade House, this is an 11 story office building which is situated to the North East of the main round-about.  Photograph 2 below shows a view looking east up New Bridge Street and outlining the three major groups of buildings which line this street and provide blocking faces to a standardized northerly flow.

Photo 2 - View along New Bridge Street looking East

Photograph 3 shows the 5th major grouping of buildings within the control volume which are situated to the north east of the main round about.

Photo 3 - View Across Okehampton Street looking West

A map of where the photographs were taken can be seen below.

Map from