SOE2145 : Solid and Fluid Dynamics (now discontinued)

This was a very poor title for a course covering various aspects of the mechanics of objects and fluids.

The first half of the course dealt with dynamics of solid bodies (both rigid and non-rigid), covering the following topics :

  1. Dynamics and Mechanics of rotating bodies. Moments of Inertia
  2. Undamped and damped vibrating systems. Torsional pendulum. Solution methods.
  3. Forced vibration. 2 and 3 d.o.f. systems. Applications.
  4. Non-linear oscillators. Introduction to Machines and Mechanisms.
  5. Planar mechanisms. 4 bar linkages, crank/slider, cams.

Recommended textbooks :

Guide 2 Mechanics, P. Dyke and R. Whitworth

Introduction to Mechanisms, Y.Zhang.

Teaching materials (principally Mathcad worksheets used in the lectures) :

Week 1-Dynamics, Moments of Inertia Lecture 1 and lecture2.
Week 2-Undamped and damped vibrating systems Mathcad worksheets:  damped SHM

Lecture 3 and lecture 4.

Week 3-Forced vibration, 2+3 dof Mathcad worksheets: forced damped SHM, Train example (worksheet solution), fourier series.

Demo of forced oscillator, coupled oscillatory motion and a vibration isolator.(external links)

Tacoma narrows movie (example of resonance)

Wing vibration - Ansys worksheet

Lecture 5 and lecture 6.

Week 4-Non-linear systems, machines + mechanisms Mathcad worksheets: Rayleigh problem

Lecture 7 and lecture 8.

The assessed exercise is the solution of a non-linear equation using MathCad - each student has their own coefficients.

Week 5-Machines and mechanisms Java animations of some important mechanisms - some other ones (and more explanations) available from a flying pig (no, really!). There are also some examples in real life (Sands museum).

Lecture 9.