Theory of Elasticity


This was a 4th year module which has now been amalgamated with other modules. However the material it covered is tangentially related to the topic of fluid mechanics - it concerns another branch of continuum mechanics, the study of stress and strain in solid bodies. Contained in this part of the site are lecture notes for the course, and MathCad worksheets illustrating aspects of the material.

Lecture notes

Lecture 1 - Introduction
Lecture 2 - More about Stress
Lecture 3 - 2d solutions - Cartesian coordinates
Lecture 4 - 2d solutions - Polar coordinates
Lecture 5 - 2d solutions - displacements
Lecture 6 - Linear Elasticity
Lecture 7 - Torsion
Lecture 8 - Energy methods
Lecture 9 - Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
Lecture 10 - Complex Variable Methods

MathCad Worksheets

Worksheet about Stress Tensor (MathCad7 version)
Worksheet about the biharmonic equation (MathCad7 version)