IJMEE paper

This page contains the spreadsheets developed for teaching CFD numerics, as described in a paper submitted to the International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education. The spreadsheets cover numerical issues in the computation of heat transfer and fluid flow, 1 and 2d case, differencing schemes and their effects, and matrix inversion using the Successive Over-Relaxation (SOR) method. They were created using StarOffice, but have also been translated into Microsoft Excel format.

Case Sheet Description Download
Heat1D 1 Heat conduction across kiln wall, explicit 1d algorithm StarOffice, Excel
2 Same problem, steady state, implicit algorithm
Transport 1 Pollutant transport through constant cross-section pipe, explicit algorithm, showing effects of upwind/central differencing StarOffice, Excel
2 Pollutant transport through pipe of varying cross-section
Duct2D   Fluid flow in square duct, implicit algorithm StarOffice, Excel
SOR   Solution of linear equation set from Duct2D, using Successive Over-Relaxation method. StarOffice, Excel

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