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  • Rounds

    The experiment consists of 20 rounds.

  • Your Task

    You are an investor in the stock market and your task in each round is to choose how to invest your money. You start round 1 with an opening balance of £1,000. Your balance at the end of round 1 depends on the investment choices you make in that round and on the performance of those investments, which involves an element of good or bad luck. The closing balance from round 1 is carried over to start round 2, and so on.

  • Investment Choices

    There are 3 funds called Green, Red and Blue.

    You begin each round by choosing how much you wish to invest in each fund; you enter your 3 choices as percentages. You may split your investment between more than one fund, that is, you do not have to invest 100% of your balance in one fund. For example, you might invest 60% in Green, 30% in Red and 10% in Blue.

    After you have made your investment choices, you are told how each fund has performed.