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  • Rounds
    The experiment consists of 10 rounds.

  • Objective
    Your objective in each round is to guess the location of a £1.00 prize that has been hidden by the computer.

  • Boxes
    There are 3 boxes, labelled A, B and C. At the start of each round, the computer randomly selects one box and hides the prize in it, leaving the other 2 boxes empty. There is an equal chance of the prize being in any of the 3 boxes. The computer then closes all 3 boxes so that you cannot see inside.

  • First Choice
    You begin each round by choosing one of the 3 closed boxes. This is your first choice of box.

  • Second Choice
    After you have chosen a box, the computer randomly selects one of the other boxes that is empty, opens it and shows you that it is empty. Note that the computer does not open the box you chose, nor does it open the box containing the prize. You must now decide whether to stick with your first choice of box (still closed) or change to the other closed box. This is your second and final choice of box.

  • Win Prize
    The computer now opens the two remaining closed boxes. You win the prize if it was hidden in your final choice of box.