Part 1 Instructions - Page 1 of 4

  • Rounds

    This part of the experiment, part 1 of 2, consists of 8 rounds.

  • Players

    The experiment is for 2 players, called the Row player and the Column player. You will stay in the same role throughout this part of the experiment.

  • Multiple Random Matchings

    You will be re-matched at the start of each round with another person selected at random from the other participants. There will be a new random matching each round, so you may or may not be matched with the same person in two consecutive rounds. The matchings are random, so you are no more likely to be matched with one participant than with another.

  • Payoffs

    Your payoff in each round is determined by 3 things: (1) your choice; (2) the other player's choice; (3) the computer's random choice of payoff table.

  • Choices

    The Row player chooses between a Top and a Bottom row, whereas the Column player chooses between a Left and a Right column. It is the intersection of the chosen row and column in the payoff table that determines both players' payoffs. Note that neither player is told about the other player's choice until both players have made their respective choices.