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Getting Started

Our Economics Network Presentation explains (right at the end!) how to register your email address to obtain a username, log in as a lecturer (experimenter), set up your first experiment and log in as a student (participant).

We have brief descriptions of each of the experiments and you may also wish to visit our Wikiversity site for Economic Classroom Experiments.

Quick Log-In

You can quickly log in as a subject to try out the following group participation experiments, by pretending to be one of the original participants in a real session:

You can also quickly log in as a subject to try out the following individual progress experiments:

You can view descriptions for the following experiments:

Feele Kiosk: Running Internet Explorer in Kiosk Mode

It is possible to run both the Feele (Exeter) and Veconlab (Virginia - Charlie Holt) websites in kiosk mode.

Kiosk mode means that the browser runs full screen (without a menu bar) and is locked down, preventing the subject from (a) navigating away from the experiment to answer email, (b) surfing the web in general, and (c) starting (or indeed switching to) other applications such as Windows Messenger.

Here are some MS Word handouts that explain to students how to log in to the Feele (Exeter) and Veconlab (Virginia - Charlie Holt) websites.

Please note the following:

  1. Internet Explorer must be installed on the subject's machine (and 'iexplore.exe' must be in a directory somewhere on the executable path - typically 'C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer').

  2. Ctrl+Alt+Windows+F4 closes Internet Explorer and exits the kiosk.

  3. Alt+F4 re-starts Internet Explorer (but does not exit the kiosk).

  4. Other key combinations have no effect:

    • Alt+Home (go to homepage)
    • Alt+Space (system menu)
    • Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab (task navigation)
    • Ctrl+Esc (Windows Start menu)
    • Ctrl+Shift+Esc (start Windows Task Manager)
    • Ctrl+Alt+Del (access to Windows Task Manager; in fact this key combination cannot (easily) be suppressed, but the Task Manager is immediately zapped if it does appear)
    • Ctrl+F4 (close current tab)
    • Ctrl+L (open Location dialog)
    • Ctrl+N (open new window)
    • Ctrl+W (close application)
    • Left and Right Windows keys
  5. The right mouse button is also disabled.