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Welcome to the Finance and Economics Experimental Laboratory at Exeter (FEELE).

Researchers who wish to run experiments in our lab should read our Protocol for Conducting Economics Experiments.

Our official opening was on the 30th April 2004, when there was a Special Workshop on Experimental Economics.

The Laboratory has been set up with funding from the University of Exeter, with additional support from the ESRC and the British Academy, to conduct experiments in finance and economics.

We have an FDTL5 Project: "Bringing Economic Experiments into the Classroom".

Lecturers: Use our free Feele Website of Teaching Experiments

You can set up and run teaching experiments using our free website of 14 economic experiments. It's a public good!

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Register with us and take part in one of our computerised economic experiments. They're good fun and you can win some money. We even pay you just for turning up!

Where is the lab?

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FDTL5 Project: "Bringing Economic Experiments into the Classroom"

These pages are created as part of the FDTL5 project "Bringing Economic Experiments into the Classroom" (148/03). The project is supervised by the Higher Education Academy and financed by HEFCE.

The purpose of the project is outlined in our application document [PDF].

The project is conducted by Dieter Balkenborg and Todd Kaplan (Co-Directors), Tim Miller (Computing Officer), Marjorie Anne Howe (Project Manager) and Diana McNeill (Finance Officer) at FEELE, the Finance and Economics Laboratory at the Economics Department of the University of Exeter Business School, in the University of Exeter.

Website of Teaching Experiments

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Wikiversity Site for Economic Classroom Experiments

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Where is the lab?

The lab is located in the University of Exeter Business School on the main Streatham Campus in Exeter.

From the junction of Rennes Drive and Stocker Road, follow the footpath leading uphill towards Cornwall House. After about 30 metres only, turn first left by the signpost for the Business School. In front of you are nine steps leading to a porch linking two buildings. Enter the building to the right of the porch (not the one to the left marked Student Services). Once inside, go straight ahead until you come to a circular vestibule area with a floor mosaic in the form of a mathematical graph. Turn left and wait in the corridor. The FEELE Laboratory is in room 0.29 behind a set of locked doors but someone will be there to welcome you.

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