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1st General Meeting

First General Meeting - December 15th 2004
Weston Room 2, Manchester Conference Centre, University of Manchester


The meeting gave members the opportunity to: 

Learn more about and contribute to the formulation of a UK strategy, or roadmap, for data storage research, development and manufacturing.

Hear about funding opportunities for data storage research and development.

Mix and discuss your interests and ideas with representatives from all the major UK industrial and academic players in the data storage field.

Help to shape the future of data storage and related technologies in the UK.


Invited Speakers

C D Wright (University of Exeter) and E Townsend (Xyratex, Havant) 
'Introduction to the aims and objectives of DSNetUK'
 R Hardeman (Seagate, Northern Ireland), B K Middleton (University of Manchester) and D J Mapps (University of Plymouth)
'A strategy and roadmap for UK data storage research, development and manufacturing' Magnetic storage technologies

A Pauza (Plasmon Data Systems, Cambridge)
'Optical Storage'

C D Wright (University of Exeter)
'Emerging Technologies'

E Townsend (Xyratex, Havant) 
'Storage Systems'

Ian Williams (DTI)
'DTI funding opportunities; the new DTI Technology Programme and the MNT Initiative'

E Townsend (Xyratex)
'EU Framework 6 and Framework 7 funding opportunities'

R Longman (Plasmon)
'Optical Storage from the customer persspective'

Ant Miller (BBC))
'BBC Perspective of Archival Storage'