The Cornish in Latin America

Morro Velho football group, Brazil 1908. Photograph courtesy Dave and Mary Mayo

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Within the largest mining communities in Latin America, a critical mass of Cornish immigrants resulted in the manifestation of cultural practices and a way of life that closely resembled that in Cornwall. Many of those who migrated to Latin America maintained close links with home. Families were raised across borders, letters and remittances regularly made their way back to Cornwall and fundraising activities collected money for Cornish organisations and institutions as people moved back and forth continually between their Cornish towns and villages and the host communities, resulting in a transnational way of life. Some of these links have been revived in recent years as the presence of a Cornish diaspora has become of increasing importance to modern Cornwall. Click here to find out more about Morro Velho and Gongo Soco (Brazil), Pachuca-Real del Monte (Mexico) and Cobre (Cuba).

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