The Cornish in Latin America

A train laden with ore from the Dulcinea Mine at the Garin Railway Station midway between Poquios and Copiapˇ, Chile. Photograph courtesy Andrea Honeyman-Brown
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The following selection of photographs, unless otherwise stated, form a part of the collection of Dr Sharron P. Schwartz and are subject to copyright. 

By the early nineteenth century Cornwall had emerged as the engine house of the industrial revolution. Hard rock mining and its auxiliary industries transformed some areas of the county, creating distinctive industrial landscapes. Click here to view a selection of Cornish mining scenes

The history of mining in Latin America is a rich and illustrious one. Towns and countryside in many regions of South and Central America and the Caribbean were transformed by the industry. Click here to see some Latin American scenes 

Cemeteries across Latin America contain memorials to Cornish immigrants; one of the best examples is the immaculately maintained Panteˇn de los InglÚses at Real del Monte Mexico which contains elaborately carved memorials facing Great Britain. In Cornwall too, are touching epitaphs to those who perished overseas or to those who returned to end their days in their native land. Click here to see some Cornish Memorials

The Cornish left traces of their presence in some parts of Latin America, but Cornwall too was transformed by contact with Latin America. Click here to see evidence of some transnational links

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