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Orient Mine, Trespuntas, June 26, 1852.

Dear Father, Mother, Brothers, and Sisters, I take the pleasure to write yo these few lines hopeing to find yo in good health as it leave me at presant. I recived your leater the 13 June and was very happy to hear that you was all well. We are very comfortable here and we are in good health and strength and I do like the country very well but it is very barran. Our mine is up in the desert of Chili. There is nothing here but what is brought on mules backs. The mules do bring it from Copiapo 100 off. A great number of the mules die on the road. not and house by the road nor an edge. The first time I passed that road I saw men lying by the side of the road dead. The was natives of the country, crossing the hanndes mountain and had died by the way. Father when I left Liverpool Mr Mack Lean sent 1 sovering a man down to Hayle to William T------  for our parents. All the men that came out with me had it upon their leaters that their parents had resaive it. I want to now weather you have received yours or not. Father I want to know how Mother is getting on with the Familey. I hope that Charles Josiah Peter William will be study and mind their work for a rowling stone gather no moss. And I hope the will not forget their Father and Mother and obey them in all things. I shall not forget them all though I ham a great distance off from them. I resaived a newspaper with the leater I was very glad to resaive it. D Father you enquired weather I do read my bible yo do not think that I did tak the trouble to bring it out here and not read it. I do read it almost all most every day in this Country for that is allmost all I have to think about and my work. For there is no sining [singing] and praying here and sundays is the head day for the cock fight and the bull fight . I have often thought upon it, man dieth and waseth away and giveth up the gost na d where is he is a solom thought. D Father the are all Roman Catholics here but thank God I am not one. All the men here is paid there wages on the Sunday. D Father our mine is very wrich down 20 fathoms but under that is very poor. I have broke 20 thousand dolars a core in our mine. Our mine is 30 fathoms depth and it is very hard ground. Yo enquired what sort of safety fuse we have got here. We have got some of the Tuckingmill safety in our mine but I have seen some rope yarn in other mines. The do call it safety fuse it is brought from england the natives is afarid of it. The hoales will not fo off with it. I have took some of the other fuse and Card [carried] it to other mines and showed it to other captins of the mines. I have showed them the diferance in the safety fuse. The do say the safety that have got the thread in it is the best ever the did saw. It have saved many lives in this country and espesily the natives. Many times the native Captins come to our mine to buy some safety and at the same time the have got hundreds of weight of rope yarn in there stores. As soon as I can thalk the languge I shall let them know all about it. I can make them understand many things now. April 6 there was an earth shock here it roard like thunder it began at 11 a clock in the knight. Every thing was very solom for one minute and half eavery englishman and natives ran out of their houses. All the natives fall on their knees and worship the cross. It did shake down some strong building here in our mine. I do think if it happened in Tuckingmill that eavery house would fell down. I have felt 2 since I have been here. I ham very stout since I left home this is a very healthy countery. The wages here is 8 to 9 pound a month. I advise no man to come in this country on less [unless] he can get his share of 8 pounds a month for there is no mirth nor musick in this countery that will do for an english man.  If you do know of any person coming out here I do want for yo to send out an under ground trousers and shirt and every day set of clothes. Give my respects to all inquiring friends. The next time yo do send a letter put down Trespuntas the name of the mine as sone as yo do resaive this letter write to me as sone as posible weather you have resaive it or not. And no more at present from you son                                                       J.G.

                                        Copiapo Chili South America

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