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Fresnillo Feby 14th 1839

 Mr Nicholas Harvey,                                   
                             Dear Sir the Director
is quite inlightined with regard of the quality
of the men who came out in the last party,
there is but three or four steady men in the all the
party, namely W Trevorrow J Rowe Alfred Tremayne
the ramainder of the party has been drunk
fighting and discontented and pay no regard to
there duty, Samuel Rumfry has burst a boiler
by connecting the boiler after clensing, without
by not opening the feed valv to allow the water
to go into the boiler, the boiler was working too
ours and half before the accident took plase,
it have been proved that he was in liquor, we have three weeks
before Rumfry was found drunk and of his duty,
for the second offence he was put in prison afortnit
and not aloud to work the engine again, this accident
took plase the third of Novr 1838 and the mines is not drained
at this time nither will be for three weeks to come,
this accident will be out of the way of the company
above three hundred thousand dollars so you see
the affects of sidy men; we are cam to a conclusion

of having more men from England; I have named
you as been parson whel calculated for engagin
the men, I have named the men and fixed there

salarys so there will be but little trubel to you,
you must expres in there agreement the are
to have Doctor and medicine provided by the company
also the enginemen for clensing the boilers and
sumpmen for watching the Engine stemtim
you will expres in there contract the are to have
the rigular customs of this cuntry as to
this work but there will be no overtime given
tho are to do perform the labor that may be
required of them for there sallry exclusief

of watching and clensing as I have before menc

I shall now porceed with there nams as follows
                         Philip Roberts - Breage Engineer 25 pounds
por month

Fowey Cunsels            Samuel Roberts Sithney Engineman 17 pounds

por month

Gr. Wirk             William Roberts Sithney Engineman17 pounds

por month

Richard Rowe St Ives Engineman 17 pounds

por month

Fowey Cunsels             Benjamin Polglase breg breage Engineer 17 pounds

por month
Richd Thomas Gr

Hennry Williams St Hellry Pitman 20 pounds

por month

Wh Vor             Robert Ford Breage   Pitman 20 pounds
por month ----

If my bother Phillip should refuse you
will give my Brother Samuel his place
if the both should refuse you will give the
place to Richard Rowe if Mr Eustis can
recmmend hiring if any of the men should
refuse be carful to fill there places withstudy
abel men andnottake them in through the
Intrest of others as Capt Lean did; this is not
the way to geet good men; I should not wish
you to truble me with any men from redruth
or gwenap not with standing there may be as
good men there as in nay other part but I have
a bad sampel of them here--------
I have arde made out alist of several tuns of
iron of defrent sises and 18 hids of leather
for gearing buckets 80 clacks; the order is sent
to London and from there it will cume in
two your hands; the with expresd orders to
Engage with the men; the iron must be
all best iron; for the iron is of a mean quality
in this cuntry, the leather must be sent in
hole bits and be bound up in sevrel coats of
gras matting or old canvas to secure it from
the sun; if you think boxes is best put
it in boxes, send two or three dusen of fits [?]
of defrent sises and 20 pounds of em---g
big -and cors; I have forgot to put those
in go order --- I should be much abliged
to youtoorder for one a good box of drawing
instruments with a proportional cumpes
and a Engineers scale a foot in lingth from
a eight of an inch to the foot, to a 1 ins to the
foot all the devisions rigulary devided in
12ths parts at one end -------------also twosprings
the box or case compleat, to cost from 8 to 10 pounds
also two springs of a indagater sutibal for 1 ins
silinder philip will rite you for those and
bring them with him---- this mine have been
leaving a profit from 15 to 25 thousand dollars
a week when before the boiler burst - but at
this last three or four weeks she have a nuf to
met the cost in concequence of the waters the
Director is talkin of having a nother new engine
it is to be an 80 or 90 inch silinder --- I have made
a new agreement for two years more for 550 pounds
a year beside other previliges I have as much as 400
dolars as a present at a time ----
Give my best respects to Cap William West
and William his sun also two Mr Burel
and to except of the same your self
so no more at present from
your Ever affictnate

Edward Roberts

When you have engagd with the men
send me a letter
---- there nams
also send me
one or two of your
bills of materials
by one of the party

(H/1/20/171 Cornwall Record Office)

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