The Corinna Project


Writings by Russian Women Poets of the Nineteenth Century


Corinna is an on-line textbase which contains works written by Russian women poets during the first half of the nineteenth century. Most of these works have never been reproduced since their first publication.

Corinna is hosted by the Russian Section of the Dept. of Modern Languages at the University of Exeter in collaboration with the Centre for European Nineteenth-Century Studies. It is created by one of its former PhD students, Ursula Stohler.

The name of the project refers to the Greek woman poet Corinna. At the beginning of the ninteenth century this name was often used to designate Russian women poets (for example, Anna Bunina was called the 'Corinna of the North').

Currently, Corinna contains the works of the nine women poets. Other works will be added as the project proceeds. The textbase is also intended to provide secondary literature on these writers.


Works currently available:


- Bolotnikova, Maria

- Khvostova, Aleksandra

- Kniazhnina, Ekaterina

- Moskvina, Maria

- Murzina, Aleksandra

- Naumova, Anna

- Pospelova, Maria

- plova , Ndezhda 

- Urusova, Ekaterina

- Volkova, Devitsa


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