Charlie Jeynes
STFC 'Innovation' Research Fellow
Centre of Biomedical Modelling and Analysis
University of Exeter
Research Interests


The overarching theme of my research is to investigate nanoparticles in human health. This is through investigating potential toxicity of ambient nanoparticles, using engineered nanoparticles for cancer therapies or designing nanoparticle probes for single molecule 'counting' microscopy

X-Ray Spectroscopy (XRS) micro-analysis

XRS is technique I specialise in, and often use to measures both the location and concentration of nanoparticles in tissue, which is very important when trying to understand their effects.


Nanoparticles are the same size as viruses or very large proteins, and so can interact with human cells on a molecular level. What's exciting is we can design nanoparticles for treatment or diagnosis of disease.

Imaging and Analysis

"Seeing" nanoparticles is hard because they are so small. Part of my research involves using super resolution microscopes to image how nanoparticles affect human cells and tissue.


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'Air Pollution' Nanoparticle Toxicity

Nanoparticle 'Single Molecule Counting' Probes

Single Molecule Visualisation & Modelling

Nanoparticle Ionising Radiation Cancer Treatments

Nanoparticle Non-Ionising Radiation Cancer Therapy

Related Projects


I am an early stage career fellow funded by an STFC 'Innovation' Fellowship, in collaboration with Tim Harries and based at the University of Exeter in the Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis. I specialise in analytical imaging, particularly of nanoparticles in human cells and tissue with applications in single molecule counting. Please also visit my University of Exeter profile

Dr. Charlie Jeynes

STFC 'Innovation' Research Fellow,
Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis,
Living Systems Institute,
Level 3, T03.01
University of Exeter,