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Species AutoCorrect

Version 1.0 - Download here.

839 taxa sampled from NCBI, DOE JGI and BROAD compiled into a MS Word AutoCorrect file in order to automagically italicise taxon names. Currently I have only tested this with Microsoft Word 2007.

For example, when you type "Arabidopsis thaliana" you will get "Arabidopsis thaliana".

There's quite a few but they're super easy!

  • Download the tar package above.
  • Untar the contents to your Desktop. There should be two files, AutoCorrect.dotm and species_autocorrect_a_z.docx
  • Open AutoCorrect.dotm - This file contains macros, they should be disabled by default and you will receive a warning about this. Click OK.
  • A Security Warning banner should appear under the Ribbon interface. Click Options. Select "Enable this content".
  • A dialog box will pop-up with three options. Backup... Restore... Cancel
  • Click Restore... You will be given another warning. It is safe to ignore. Also contrary to the warning, your current AutoCorrect entries won't be replaced. The new ones will be appended. Feel free to backup first if you're unsure though.
  • Click Yes. Select the species_autocorrect_a_z.docx file. Click Open. Wait, some screen flickering will occur. Restore complete.
  • Click OK. Close all documents and restart Word 2007. You are ready to go. Be amazed at how Homo sapiens changes to Homo sapiens whilst you type!

Earlier versions of Word should also work however I have been unable to try them out - let me know if you get it working. I am also looking into getting this to work in OpenOffice.org Writer.

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