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Postdoctoral scientist Meredith Jones uses 454 sequencing methods to study the diversity of eukaryotes. She is also looking at novel fungal phylogenetic groups using eDNA sampling and FISH microscopy. Her Ph.D study was at Exeter University and was an investigation into oilfield and deep-sea microbiology, and the effects of nitrate injection on bacterial communities.

GTA funded PhD student: Guy Leonard is developing bioinformatic tools for comparing genomes and identifying gene fusions. He will then use these tools to investigate ancient evolutionary relationships between eukaryotes. His online eProfile can be found here.

PhD Student: Yuan Liu (link) is using phylogenetics and comparative genomics to research the evolution and prokaryote origins of the eukaryotic DNA replisome.

SGM summer student: James Harrison is using environmental gene libraries to investigate the diversity and evolutionary history of novel algal groups.

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