Developing Digital Scholars

The Cascade project will work intensively with at least six postgraduate researchers from diverse subject areas, and more broadly with researchers, new teachers and established teaching staff, to develop their scholarly use of digital technologies.

Personal learning journeys will be recorded, and case study data analysed for critical incidents and step changes in awareness and practice.


Developing the Digital Curriculum

As our understanding of the Exeter context grows through rigorous audit and development, we will be well placed to influence future evidence-based strategy.

We will produce tailored workshops, development materials and learning resources to meet identified needs, and explore how best Exeter can exploit its new buildings and infrastructure for 21st century learning experiences.


Developing the Digital University

Across the five Colleges of the University, examples of good practice in digital literacy development will be showcased, along with areas where digital technologies have the potential to meet learning and research challenges.

Other curriculum initiatives around research-rich teaching will be infused with digital technologies where appropriate.