"Which cancer patients die at home?: the effects of social deprivation and patient characteristics in England"

Project Summary and Objectives:

This project aims to calculate the proportion of cancer patients who died at home during the period 1984-93 throughout England - broken down for each electoral ward. From this maps will be produced, trends in the distribution of place of death will also be analysed. We will then investigate potential correlates - such as social factors, deprivation indices and patient characteristics - with place of death, to determine the relative contribution of these factors. The findings will be of significant use to those commissioning health and social services in England, especially as commissioning moves towards locality purchasing and increased GP fundholding.

Further information may be obtained from:

Professor Irene Higginson
Department of Palliative Care & Policy
King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry
123 Coldharbour Lane
London   SE5 9NU

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