"Evaluation of video-taped information in cancer genetic counselling"

Project Summary and Objectives:

The aim of this project is to produce two educational videos of 1st class technical quality for use in breast cancer family clinics:
1. A general introduction to the genetic basis of breast cancer and management of risk;
2. Genetic testing and its implications.

Video 1 is for a wide audience.
Video 2 is designed for incorporation in the protocol for counselling prior to BRCA1 testing.
Evaluation of 1. by Randomised Controlled Trial and 2. by systematic assessment which will be undertaken using existing resources to test hypotheses that the use of video in this setting:
a) increases knowledge without increasing emotional distress;
b) reduces total consultation time, but increases satisfaction (by increasing the proportion of time spent on personally salient issues vs. general education);
c) promotes family communication about genetic risk.

The videos will subsequently be evaluated for their use in teaching e.g. GP study days.

Further information can be obtained from:

Dr Ann Cull
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
c/o Department of Clinical Psychology
Western General Hospital NHS Trust
Outpatient Building
Western General Hospital
Crewe Road
Edinburgh            EH4 2XU


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