"A randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of rapid diagnosis clinics and best alternative care"

Project Summary and Objectives:

There is a variable provision of diagnostic services for women presenting with signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

It has been suggested that the multi-disciplinary specialist team model adopted by the NHSBSP should be emulated within the symptomatic service. This has been to some extent addressed by dedicated breast clinics and has been further refined by rapid diagnostic or ‘one stop’ clinics. These clinics offer women investigations and a definitive diagnosis on the same day as the appointment.

This study proposes to evaluate the cost effectiveness of rapid diagnosis clinics when provided for women at high risk of disease.

Cited in:
Prevention Trials Unit Report 1995-96. Centre for Cancer Epidemiology, University of Manchester (Contact No.+44 (0) 161 446 3570)


Dey P, Bundred N, Gibbs A, Hopwood P, Baildam A, Boggis C, James M, Knox F, Leidecker V, Woodman C.   Costs and benefits of a one stop clinic compared with a dedicated breast clinic: randomised controlled trial British Medical Journal 2002; 324: 1-5

Further information can be obtained from:

Dr Paola Dey
Senior Registrar in Public Health Medicine 
Centre for Cancer Epidemiology
University of Manchester
Christie Hospital NHS Trust
Kinnaird Road
Manchester, M20

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