"Cancer Treatment Policies, Delay in Referral and Their Effect on Survival"

Project Summary and Objectives:

This study makes use of the dataset on cancer treatment and referral patterns held by the Yorkshire Cancer Registry (YCR) and aims to evaluate, in systematic fashion, variation in treatment and referral delay and their effect on survival.

Specific objectives will be:
a) to assess variation in treatment for 17 common cancers between 1986 and 1994 in the YCR catchment population (3 million) analysed by patient factors (age, deprivation status, tumour prognostic variables) and health service factors (health district, hospital, consultant workload and degree of consultant specialisation),
b) to assess for the same cancers, variation in referrals times from GPs to hospital and from initial hospital visit to first treatment, and
c) to assess the impact of (a) and (b) on survival rates after adjustment for appropriate covariates.

Conference Presentations:

Cartman M.L., Round C.E., Rider L., Adamson P,. Forman D., Johnston C. Cancer Treatment Policies, Delay in Referral and Effect on Survival. International Association of Cancer Registries, 3-6 September 1996 Edinburgh



NYCRIS Cancer outcomes monitoring: cancer treatment policies and their effects on survival (also at: http://www.nycris.org.uk/):

  1. Central Nervous System  (Dec 1998)
  2. Lung  (July 1999)
  3. Melanoma  (Dec 1999)
  4. Pancreas  (July 2000)
  5. Colorectal  (Dec 2000)
  6. Breast  (Dec 2001)
  7. Cervix  (May 2002)
  8. Ovary  (Dec 2002)

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Further information can be obtained from:

Professor David Forman
Professor of Cancer Epidemiology
Centre for Cancer Research
University of Leeds
Arthington House
Cookridge Hospital
Leeds, LS16 6QB

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