"Population Based National Study of Patterns of Care and Survival for Bone Sarcoma"

Research Objectives:

National Study of patterns of organisation of care, survival and cause of death for patients with bone sarcoma diagnosed below aged 40.
1. To calculate population based survival rates for osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma.
2. To investigate why bone cancer mortality has decreased only among persons aged under 20.
3. To determine proportions of patients who are treated at specialist centres and who are entered in national and international clinical trials.
4. To investigate the effect of these factors on survival after allowing for histological subtypes, stage, primary site, age and sex.
5. To document causes of death and indicate hazards of particular treatment methods or patterns of referral.

Publications to date:

Stiller CA, Passmore SJ, Kroll ME, Brownbill PA, Wallis JC and Craft AW.  Patterns of care and survival for patients aged under 40 years with bone sarcoma in Britain, 1980-1994.  British Journal of Cancer (2006); 94: 22-29.

Further information may be obtained from:

Mr Charles Stiller
Childhood Cancer Research Group
Department of Paediatrics
University of Oxford
57 Woodstock Road
Oxford   OX2 6HJ


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