"Factors Influencing the Accrual of Patients into Clinical Trials: An Examination of the BASO II Trial for the Treatment of Well-Differentiated, Small, Node Negative Carcinomas of the Breast"

Research objectives

The British Association of Surgical Oncology Trial into the primary treatment of small well-differentiated, special type, node negative tumours of the breast (BASO II) is very simple in design. It asks a relevant question - what is the best mode of treatment of these tumours of low aggressive potential, which are commonly seen at breast screening detection.

All the surgeons who treat these cases have been identified by the BASO breast surgeons group and many of them attend study days arranged for this group. Nevertheless recruitment of this trial has been poor.

This seems an ideal trial for examining the question of why recruitment to clinical trials is often difficult. Here we have a group of surgeons who have committed themselves to specialise in breast disease, a ready sample of tumours, simple study with no complex ethical issues (such as bad side effects) in any of the arms under consideration.

Further information can be obtained from:

Professor Roger Blamey
Professor of Surgical Science
Professorial Unit of Surgery
The University of Nottingham
City Hospital
Hucknall Road
Nottingham, NG5 1PB


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