"A Descriptive Study of Cancer Genetics Services"

Project Summary and Objectives:

The researchers aim to evaluate UK Cancer Genetics Services based on documented activity over a one month period, in order to compare and contrast regional differences in service provision, referral sources, characteristics of attenders, model of service provision and level of activity.

Centres will then be stratified according to the density of service activity and 5 centres will be randomly selected (one from each of 5 activity levels) for prospective psychosocial evaluation over a one year period.

Principle end points will be psychosocial outcomes, satisfaction of referring agents and costs.




D Wonderling, P Hopwood, A Cull, F Douglas, M Watson, J Burn and K McPherson.  A descriptive study of UK cancer genetics services: an emerging clinical response to the new genetics.  British Journal of Cancer (2001); 85(2): 166-170


P Hopwood, D Wonderling, M Watson, A Cull, F Douglas, T Cole, D Eccles, J Gray, V Murday, M Steel, J Burn and K McPherson..  A randomised comparison of UK genetic risk counselling services  for familial cancer: psychosocial outcomes.  British Journal of Cancer (2004); 91(5): 884-892


Further information can be obtained from:

Dr Penny Hopwood
Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist
Christie Hospital NHS Trust
ancer Research UK Psychological Medicine Group
Stanley House
Wilmslow Road
Manchester   M20 4BX


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