"Evaluating Services for Women with Familial Risk of Breast Cancer: Consumer Push or Practitioner Pull in Primary Care Consultations?"

Project Summary and Objectives:
a) to estimate the frequency, originator, and context of consultations in primary care in which family history of breast cancer is discussed;
b) to describe practitioners' and women's perceptions of these consultations; and
c) to set up a multidisciplinary research team in order to inform the design of a randomised controlled trial of appropriate approaches to primary care management of familial breast cancer risk.

100 GPs and 80 practice nurses will be recruited by postal survey among all practice teams in one Health Authority. They will record all consultations with women over 16 years attending the practice in 4 selected weeks (June, December 1997) noting discussion of breast symptoms, cancer and family history and who originated the discussion. Data will be validated by a research officer visiting the practice who will check the notes for further details of consultation and referral.
A sub-sample of willing women who discussed family history will be interviewed to establish their views on the appropriateness of the consultation, to pilot possible measures of distress and anxiety and define epidemiological risk to inform future trial. Data will be fed back to practitioners at group meetings and their views on the implications for management collected.


Evaluating services for women with familial risk of breast cancer: consumer push or practitioner pull in primary care consultations? BMJ (2001); 322: 27-8

Further information can be obtained from:

Professor Ann-Louise Kinmonth
Head of Unit
General Practice and Primary Care Research Unit
University of Cambridge
Institute of Public Health
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