"The Tobacco Addiction Collaborative Review group of the Cochrane Collaboration"

Project Summary and Objectives:

To support the administration of the Tobacco Addiction Review Group of the Cochrane Collaboration, which will co-ordinate the preparation, dissemination and regular updating of systematic reviews in the following areas:

Smoking cessation methods
a) nicotine replacement therapy
b) non-nicotine pharmacotherapies
c) physician advice
d) nurse advice
e) effects of training health professionals
f) acupuncture
g) hypnosis
h) behavioural therapy
i) interventions involving high risk individuals (pregnancy, IHD)

Smoking prevention methods
a) school and community based interventions to prevent smoking initiation in young people
b) advertising control for prevention or delay of smoking initiation
c) mass media interventions to prevent or delay smoking initiation
d) effect price and tax increases on smoking behaviour
e) effect of retailer education/control on sales of cigarettes to young people

Outputs to date:

Funding for this project finished on 31st August 1998.  All outputs are available on the Cochrane Library.

Further information can be obtained from:

Dr Tim Lancaster
Co-ordinating Editor
Tobacco Addiction Review Group
Cancer Research UK General Practice Research Group
Division of Public Health & Primary Health Care
Institute of Health Sciences
University of Oxford
Old Road

Oxford, OX3 7LF


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