"A Systematic Review of the Early Natural History of Prostate, Oral and Skin Cancers"

Project Summary and Objectives:

Screening tests for the early diagnosis of early malignant and/or pre-malignant lesions exist for both prostate and oral cancer. In addition there is interest in the promotion of early detection of melanoma skin cancers in particular, as well as in methods of primary prevention of all types of skin cancer. No screening test for these sites has yet been shown to be beneficial in terms of reducing mortality.

A greater understanding of the early natural history of these cancers will provide valuable information on the mechanism by which screening, or primary prevention for skin cancer, might work.

The objectives of this project are to review the available data on the early natural history of these three cancers, and in particular on the aspects likely to be relevant to screening, including estimates of the duration of pre-malignant or early malignant phases, evidence on regression and progression, and estimates of prevalence as an indication of the likely yield of screening. Information on the beneficial effect of earlier diagnosis will be reviewed. For skin cancers relating to primary prevention will be included.

Further information can be obtained from:

Dr Sue Moss
Cancer Screening Evaluation Unit
The Institute of Cancer Research
Block D
15 Cotswold Road

Surrey, SM2 5NG

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