Report to the NHS Central Research & Development Committee
Annex 4 - Timetable of Activities

February 1993 Chair of Advisory Group established.
March 1993 Gathering of background evidence begun.
July 1993 Members invited to serve on Advisory group.
    Organisations invited to submit written evidence.
October 1993 First regional workshop held.
November 1993 First meeting of Advisory Group.
    Terms of reference agreed.
    Agreement on method of working.
    Six Subgroup chairman appointed.
December 1993 Three regional workshops held.
January 1994 Fifth and final regional workshop held.
    Secretariat digests evidence into sections appropriate to each Subgroup.
January - 1994 Second meeting of Advisory Group
March   Subgroup priorities considered.
    Further consultation evidence, including that from patient and carer groups, considered.
    Recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer's Expert Advisory Group on Cancer Services presented.
    Consolidation of priorities.
    Initial scoring and ranking of priorities accomplished.
April 1994 Third meeting of Advisory Group.
    Recommendations of the CRDC Standing Group on Health Technology relating to cancer presented.
    Initial scoring and ranking considered and discussed.
    Final ranking of priorities set and agreed.
April - June 1994 Report of Advisory Group written.
14 July 1994 CRDC considered the report of the Advisory Group.

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