Lesley's Picture Gallery

April 1994<br />the original layoutApril 1994
the original layout
June 2014<br />view from the swing seatJune 2014
view from the swing seat
View from the kitchen window 12th February 201612th February 2016
view from the sink
Emily<br />November 2015Emily
November 2015
Emily<br />November 2015Emily
November 2015
Emily — Grandma: Tastes good...<br />November 2015Emily — Grandma: Tastes good...
November 2015
Emily — Grandma: It's empty...<br />November 2015Emily — Grandma: It's empty...
November 2015
Emily<br />Blue icing — YumEmily
Blue icing — Yum
1st May 2015 — 360° view1st May 2015 — 360° view
February 2016<br />Poor defenceless beetroot<br />never stood a chanceFebruary 2016
Poor defenceless beetroot
never stood a chance