13   Hotels and tariffs

cyclist and motorist will do well to take their respective "machines". The road from Exeter, through Moreton Hampstead to Two Bridges (where the Tavistock road comes in), Princetown, Yelverton and Plymouth, almost bisects the Moor in a north-east to south-west direction and passes through a most interesting portion of Moor and Forest. The road from Tavistock to Ashburton, which passes within 1 miles of Princetown, also runs through a characteristic part of the Moor, while the scenery almost throughout is beautiful. It must be remembered that the chief moorland resorts are on the fringe of the Moor, and in the "down along" country off the Moor there are many charming excursions to be made amid some of the loveliest scenery in England.

Tourists who intend seeing Plymouth and the south-west coast of Devon, either before or after their exploration of Dartmoor, are recommended to procure the Guide to Plymouth in this series. Other volumes deal with Torquay and Paignton; Exeter and South East Devon; Lynton and Minehead; Ilfracombe and Bideford, etc.

Hotels and Tariffs.

The following list of hotels in the chief moorland centres maybe of use to the intending visitor. As accommodation is not too plentiful, especially in the season, early application is desirable. Where tariffs are given they were obtained by direct inquiry from the proprietors, but many changes have been brought about by the War, and prices should in all cases be verified by previous inquiry. A note is appended where hotels provide Motor Garage.

ABBREVIATIONS : B., bedroom ; b., breakfast ; l., luncheon ; t., tea ; d., dinner ; a., attendance ; fr., from ; temp., temperance. Week-end terms include dinner or supper on Saturday and breakfast on Monday.


Golden Lion.


London: Terms on application.



Bovey Tracey.

Dolphin: R., single, fr. 3/6; double, fr.4/6; b.,fr.2/6; 1.,fr.2/6; t., fr. 1/-; d., fr. 3/6; a., nil. Boarding terms : fr. 9/6 per day; fr. 60/- per week; 27/- per week-end. Motor Garage.



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