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Answers to the Christmas 2016 quiz

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Good news?

November 2006I guess you could say that being downgraded (as a Computing Development Officer (Web Support) in Information Services) after 34 years loyal service at my fine university hasn't helped my demeanour. My post will not exist after July 2007.
August 2007Praise Be. I have accepted a job at my wonderful top 20 university. I am no longer downgraded. I am now an Advanced Systems Developer in Information and Computing Systems Division which is part of Academic Services.
September 2007I have received a 3% pay rise and am taking home £20 less per annum. Please explain...
May 2009My fine (nay, top ten) university has asked me if I would like to take early retirement on 30th June 2010 — without penalty. I have accepted.
May 2010Congratulations to Ginney and Rob — a son, Dylan Robert Moran, 8lb 9½ ounces. Mother and baby are doing well and he has a great pair of lungs — we could hear them all the way from Ann Arbor.
June 2010A jolly good time was had by all at the Retirement Party in the Long Lounge Devonshire house. As I was a valued member of staff, I will be replaced — but not until 1st August.
November 2011So I got interested in Solar PV, had until April 2012 for good feed-in tariff. The day before I was to have signed up, the government halved the feed-in tariff unless installed by December 12th. Government consultation period ends December 23rd. Not much consultation going on here. LOL
December 2011High Court judge deems FIT decision "legally flawed". Government to appeal.
January 2012The pub at the bottom of the lane has not re-opened after Christmas.
January 2012Three Appeal Court judges deem FIT decision "legally flawed". Government to appeal to the Supreme Court, may take eight months for a decision...
March 2012The government has lost a bid to appeal to the UK's highest court over its plans to cut subsidies for solar panels on homes.
June 2012My electricity company is paying me for electricity.
September 2012The petrol station at the bottom of the lane has shut, so I search elsewhere for milk and newspapers.
November 2012Milk and newspapers are now being sold at Bernaville Nursery — thank you Tony.
January 2013Got paid £29 for electricity throughout 2012 — includes running electric AGA (which has saved ~40 litres of heating oil a week).
January 2014Paid £40 for electricity throughout 2013.
March 2014The pub at the bottom of the lane, now called The Stables opened at midday on Saturday 15th March.
January 2015Not needed to use the electric AGA on full since October — got paid £370 for electricity throughout 2014.
March 2015My fine university is at it again, this time it's called "Voluntary Severence".
April 2015Changes to my credit card — cashback reduced from 1% to ¼% from 1st June.
May 2015The government got elected again.
May 2015Up to 200 support staff are wanted to accept voluntary severence at you know where.
June 2015312 support staff accept voluntary severence.
January 2016Not needed to use the electric AGA on full since October — got paid £550 for electricity throughout 2015.
February 2016My bank — "We're making some changes to our savings range to help customers who want to save, save more. Unfortunately, as interest rates in the UK market continue to go down, this means we're reducing the interest rate on your Instant Saver, from 0.5% to 0.25%."
June 2016New state pension £155.65 – £31.61 NI opted out = £124.04 – £24.81 tax = £99.23
June 2016We seem to be about to leave the EU - two years after Article 50 is invoked. Slight Utter chaos everywhere politically.
July 2016My credit card company (Net income $830,000,000 (June 30th 2015) — "We can't afford to give you cashback on your credit card any longer."
August 2016My bank — (yes, the same one) — "From the 31st October 2016 we're reducing the interest rate on your Instant Saver, from 0.25% to 0.01%. (?Luckily I only keep 1p in that account)"
September 2016The Stable restaurant opens in Queen Street. The Stables in Cowley now has a new name to avoid confusion.
November 2016My other credit card company has a 1% cashback card — as yet I can find no-one who accepts it.
January 2017Not used AGA until mid December, got paid over £600 for electricity throughout 2016.
April 2017CPI rate up, my savings rate down — "From the 8th April we're reducing the interest rate on your Instant Saver, from 0.5% to 0.25%."

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Indifference: It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, but it doesn't take any to just sit there with a dumb look on your face. (www.despair.com)

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